Hannah got into her first fender bender this morning – nothing major – she said she was pulling up at a stop light and her foot slipped and she hit the gas instead of the brake, thus bumping the driver in front of her.

Luckily no one was hurt, and that’s the important thing!  I didn’t feel right about asking her to bring me my camera after that – but boy is my lunch delicious!

Two soft corn tortillas filled with chopped sirloin, black beans, brown rice, fresh cilantro, pickled jalapenos and sauteed green peppers with crispy lettuce on top.  

Of course, I sprinkled my tacos liberally with Tabasco!

Lunch comes in at 534 calories, 17 fat, 40 protein, 52 carbs and 8 fiber.

My friend invited me to do the Kathy Smith dvd today, but I am sore from yesterday – especially my hamstrings!  So I did 30 minutes, 15% incline at 3.0 mph on the treadmill to loosen them up.  Then I did 15 minutes of hill climb on the bike – then 5 minutes of abs – my obliques are still sore from yesterday too!

Of course I was watching FoodTV and Rachael Ray was on.  She had a unique salad of steamed asparagus and green beans that had a basil dressing that looked so fresh and delicious – I think I may try it this weekend.  You can find the recipe here.

And Melissa, the next Food Network Star has her first show which airs this Sunday at 11:30 a.m. central time.  It’s called Ten Dollar Dinners, and you can already go online to get some of the recipes.  Can’t wait!

At the Doobie Brothers concert Monday, the opening singer sang a song I hadn’t heard in years – Big Sun by Indio.  Does anyone remember that band?  So today in the gym I was working out, and I heard it on the radio!  How weird is that?  I forgot how much I liked the song!


Afternoon break is up – there will be dinner pictures tonight!  Cincinnati Chili 3-ways!