I got the inspiration for tonight’s dinner at Heather site: GirliChef!  Since I knew I would have half of a beef brisket leftover from our homemade burger lunch, this really worked well.  So I spent $17 on the brisket, but that was lunch for 4 and dinner for 3, and leftovers for the dog! 

I had a great grocery shop too – $86 this week! 😀  I ended up getting 14 tomatoes for $1 and then I got these peppers for $1.  I thought they were banana peppers, but they aren’t spicy  – any clue what I have and what I can do with them?


So I followed Heather’s recipe, and maybe I should have cooked it longer, so while it wasn’t pull apart – it was very tender – I ended up making long slices:


I loaded up all our fixins in the tray –


I had taken almost everything to the other room, so my tostada pictured is missing the black beans – see that can of pickled jalapenos??  I ATE HALF OF IT AT DINNER!  Yes, I am crazy! 😀


Right now I have a sauce going from my $1 tomatoes – not sure what I’ll do with it yet – you’ll have to come back and find out!

Don’t forget Food Network Star is tonight! 😀  See you tomorrow, which hopefully will be a more relaxing work week for me!