Probably the hardest thing about being an insulin dependent diabetic is days like today.  Unplanned meals, snacks, appetizers – you name it!  Guess what my blood sugar was before dinner:

totally normal!!!
totally normal!!!

 So while I told you that the Italian Sunday Gravy thawed really well?  Well, it did, but it lost a lot of the sauciness on the reheating.  While the flavor was still there, Tony and I both concluded that the first run was the best.  Since I can’t refreeze the remainder, I’ve decided to add it to my lasagna with added diced tomatoes.  We’ll see how that works out! 

I feel bad though because Tony and I were telling Joe HOW AMAZING this sauce was and I think he was underwhelmed!  I told him next time I make it I’ll make sure its a first run.  Didn’t stop him from eating it though!


Looking forward to a one hour Office after the game!!  Okay, I promise, you will not get another post from me tonight!