Tony called me at work today to tell me that his doctor wanted him to go to the emergency room TODAY!  He’s had a problem with his right knee after a fall on our slippery deck a couple months ago.  We went to a knee doctor a month ago, and he said it would take a while for the swelling to go down and if it wasn’t better in a couple months, come back.

Well within the last two weeks, the swelling got worse and our GP took one look at at today and thought it may be infected.  Both of Tony’s knees were replaced 7 years ago.  We go to the hospital that replaced his knees then, which is now 60 miles one way from our house now!    Because the knee doctor Tony had is a big wig, the only way to get to the front of the line is through the emergency room.

So this hospital is a teaching hospital in Chicago.  Um, you can imagine the waiting room is a bit different than your suburban waiting room!  In comes a woman, drunk off her a$$, with lots of bags, and proceeds to make herself “at home” in front of the t.v.!  Turns out she is a “regular” and comes in most days when she’s had too much to drink!  Six hours after I left, she was sound asleep!

So they draw blood, they take x-rays, and now its just a waiting game until the resident doctor take take a look at us.  It probably took about three hours?  He walks in, takes one look at his knee and says “Looks like you’ll be spending Christmas with us!”  We were both stunned, to say the least!   And sadly, I had to watch the person I love most go through the most excrutiating pain I have ever had to witness when they had to stick a huge needle in his knee to remove some fluid for testing.  If I could have switched places with him, I would have in a heartbeat!

So they say it takes 48 hours for the results of the blood draw, and he is being admitted.  So fast forward another two hours and he is placed in a private room (thank goodness!).  The nurse gave him a sandwich and said he was probably going to have to fast after midnight for his surgery tomorrow.  Um, what?  No one said that when we were in the ER!  

And tonight, starting at midnight, we are supposed to get up to a foot of snow by 6:00 a.m.!  I don’t know if I’ll even be able to get to the hospital tomorrow!!  But Tony kicked me out once he was settled because he wanted me to drive before the weather got bad.

So put Tony in your prayers!  I wish I was there now to wrap myself around him like a blanket and tell him everything will be okay!  Don’t know when I’ll post next.  Be thankful for your health and families!