I woke up to the smell of peppermint coffee – thanks Hannah!  Well, I should thank my mom, she’s the one who gave those beans to us!  She volunteers at a food pantry and last year they had POUNDS of peppermint coffee – only problem was that they were whole beans, and since they were prepackaged, they couldn’t just grind them and repackage them – I guess its against the rules.

So I vacuum sealed the beans last Christmas and we still have about 2 pounds left to go!  It is very yummy!

No pictures of my walk with Ed, because its overcast and they would have looked exactly like yesterdays!

Breakfast was put together on the fly . . . 2 oz. french bread, 1 scrambled egg, 1.5 pieces of bacon (it was 2, but I dropped half of one on the floor!) and one slice of American cheese:

395 calories, 19 fat, 31 carbs
395 calories, 19 fat, 31 carbs

Happy Wednesday all – see you at lunch!