So I took Ed for a quick walk this morning – 27 degrees!  I had my camera in my winter coat pocket to take the usual morning pictures.  I came home, brought in some more wood for the wood burning stove, made my breakfast and lunch and got ready for work.

I decided I didn’t need my winter coat for the drive to work and wore a sweater instead.  Nertz!  The camera is still in my winter coat!  I had apple cinnamon oatmeal with granola – it looks an awful lot like this breakfast!


Except this mornings was in a WAY cute snowman bowl and new snowman mug!

So I get to my desk, and look down and what do I see?  My gym shoes.  I forgot to repack my gym bag!  I took it home on Friday and washed everything, but forgot to put it back together.  It’s okay though, it’s sunny today and will get up to about 40 degrees so I’ll just walk at lunch.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!