What a fun day we had!  Wish the weather wasn’t quite so cold – very chilly downtown with the wind.  There were even a few snowflakes!

Our trip started out by picking up my sister, who lives an hour away from me.  Here’s Hannah driving! 


We ended up picking up my sister and parking near the L station to make the trip downtown.  It’s a short train ride – maybe 10 minutes at most!  Then we walked to Water Tower.

me and my sister on the L platform
me and my sister on the L platform
My sister and Hannah
My sister and Hannah

Here they are at the lobby of Water Tower:


So we were waiting outside the food court for Roni, when it occurs to us that we know what she looks like, but doesn’t know what we look like!  We spotted her right away though as soon as she walked up – and she was wearing a green shirt (her favorite color!).

Two other bloggers joined us for lunch at Mity Nice Grill.  There is a food court next to it, but it was nice to just go to a sit down restaurant and talk.  AND TALK WE DID!  We spent two hours together – it was a wonderful time!  Roni is just as down to earth as I thought she would be.   She said she and the other bloggers invited by the Quaker company were treated like mini-stars!  Of course, they got lots of Quaker products – including new granola bars that are a bit more calories than the usual chewy ones, but she said they filled her up longer.

We had just sat down when I felt a hand on my shoulder – it was this tiny little old lady and she was struggling to get her coat on.  I stood up to help, and after I sat back down she said to Hannah: “you’ll have problems like that when you are 101!”  She was in such great shape!  Hopefully Roni will send me a copy of the picture I had taken with her – I couldn’t help it!

Anyway, lunch was good, I was so caught up in the conversation, I only took a picture of my cup of soup!  Then Hannah and I split the potsticker appetizer (photo not taken!).

cream of asparagus - yum!
cream of asparagus - yum!

At the end I got a couple pictures with Roni:

me and Roni
me and Roni (wish my face wasn't so red!)
Hannah and Roni
Hannah and Roni

It was interesting to hear Roni talk about her struggles with food, and how she has to still take it day to day to maintain her weight.  She should feel very proud of herself! 

On our walk back to the L station, we stopped at the Hershey store – I love this picture and yes, this is an actual candy bar!


Since we got home kind a late, it was a quick dinner – 4 oz. roast beef sandwich and 4 ounces of tater tots with Tabasco ketchup:


Whew, I am pooped!  Hope Roni and the other bloggers had safe trips to their respective homes!  Off to relax and watch Entourage!  See you at breakfast!