Cook With Us!

My daughter Hannah and I started doing online cooking classes and we would love to have you Cook With Us!

How Does Your Cooking Class Work?

You can check out our class online here.  You have two choices.  If you look at the month’s schedule and only feel like you want to attend one class, just sign up for that class for $20.

However, if you become a Member of our Cooking Class – you get all classes (four per month) for $40.

That’s a 50% savings at only $10 each.  The best part is that you will also have access to all the previously recorded classes on demand.

Even if you are a member though, you do need to sign up for each class.  The $40 is auto renewed but you can cancel at any time.

Can you cancel a class if you are not a member?

Yep!  As long as you give me 12 hours notice, I can refund your $20 payment through the website.  If something comes up and you weren’t able to cancel, let me know and I can try to get a refund through, the site that hosts my classes.

We have 66 Five Star Reviews! 

We are so excited that after only 8 classes, we have 66 five star reviews.  Here are some of the reviews:

I couldn’t quit smiling! Attending Brunch with Biz and Hannah and “friends” was incredible! I will be making everything from our class. Great time. I’ll be back!!!!

Biz and Hannah are so fun to watch. The food always looks amazing!

Great tips! Covered a lot of ground and grilling options. Love the fun friendly interaction between Biz and Hannah! Inspired to dust off my grill and give it a go!

I was not sure what to expect with an online class but I really enjoyed this hour.. it felt as I was with friends . Biz and Hannah made a great team and I felt very comfortable asking questions. I learned some tips and it was helpful to watch Biz make the dough first hand . Looking forward to more classes.

We have done a Skinny Pizza 101, Company Salisbury Steak and Chicken Bolognese, just to name a few!  Cook with Us!

If you have any questions, you can always email us at

We look forward to cooking with you!