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Bavette's in River North Chicago is an amazing restaurant. Awesome food, awsome service, $$$$, worth it, make reservations in advance!
March 13, 2020

The Purple Pig

Um, here’s a tip from me to you.  If you want to use your laptop, you have to charge it.  I know!  News to me! ...
October 23, 2019

Naf Naf Grill

I always bring my food to work each day.  Except for Friday’s or special lunches.  Working in the city, you could easily spend $20-$30 a...
October 16, 2019

The Kitchen

Yesterday at work was a shit show.  It didn’t help that my blood sugar was low because I wish I were joking that I really...
September 18, 2019


My friend Morgan and I bought tickets weeks ago for the Eataly September Fest which was held on Friday night.  For $70 it was an...
September 16, 2019

The Kitchen

Oh hello!  Sorry for being MIA – I was having technical difficulties and my brother is super busy, but I am up and running.  I...
September 13, 2019