Hey guys – just a quick post today.  I got a call yesterday from the dermatologist regarding my biopsy.  While the biopsy came back with “abnormalities” I don’t have skin cancer!  Since they aren’t exactly sure what it is, they suggest I see a plastic surgeon to remove the rest of it.  This was how it was described to me:

Sometime lesions can be atypical or unusual without being a skin cancer. Kathi recommend it be removed before it may turn into anything bad. I can sent you your pathology results but you would need to fill out a medical records request. You can either go online, fill out the form and fax it to us and we will either mail or fax your results to you. You can also come back to the office, fill out the form and we can give you your path at that time. That way you can bring the pathology with you to the plastic surgeon.

So in the next few weeks I’ll make an appointment to get the rest of my “spot” removed.  Winning!

I got to my Momma’s house last night.  We went to the grocery store to get some staples for the weekend.  You know, because everyone needs English muffins, cheese and crackers, bacon and wine when they go away for the weekend!

My mantra this weekend?


Have a great weekend!