I had such a great weekend.  I unplugged – I think I was on the computer all of about 15 minutes the whole weekend – love it!

Friday night Tony and I sat outside and grilled.  It was so perfect, we love this time of year before the mosquitos and bugs are out.  Our dog loves it too – although our neighbors cottonwood tree is shedding and Ed is covered in it!
weekend 006

Tony enjoyed a nice cigar – here is his serious face. Open-mouthed smile

weekend 008

We did a grilled pork roast and foil potatoes – love that they cook at the same time.

weekend 010weekend 003

Saturday Hannah and I ran some errands before she went to work.  Tony and I didn’t head to the grocery store until nearly 4:00!  I redeemed myself from the last time I used the smoker.  The coals were just right and this chicken turned out delicious – juicy, tender – I used apple wood chips and this was delicious!  So disaster last time . . .


To deliciousness this time . . .

weekend 014

Tony made me one of his awesome breakfasts – his eggs are always so fluffy – and check out the size of those strawberries!

weekend 018

Hannah didn’t have to work at all yesterday so we decided to go thrifting and bowling.  I bought a super cute purse – only $3.63 cents!  I love that I can put my camera in there if I wanted to.

weekend 027

When we got to Pinstripes, we discovered that they were all booked up with birthday parties. Sad smile  It was super busy because I guess they have a pretty big Sunday brunch.  So we ended up just having lunch there.  We split their pear and gorgonzola salad and a small bites pepperoni pizza – perfect!



And then we walked around the mall.  I even texted Helen to tell her I was at a DSW and didn’t buy anything! Open-mouthed smile 

I didn’t even buy anything at one of my favorite stores – Sur La Table.  I could literally spend hours in that store.

sur la table

I did like that cutting board, but not with a $40 price tag!  It was fun hanging with you Hannah!

For dinner last night I made crockpot bourbon baked beans and a grilled boston roast.  I followed this recipe for the baked beans, except I added 1/3 pound of ground been and 1/3 pound of ground pork, added at the last hour.  I of course added hot sauce to my plate. 

I also soaked my beans in a jar overnight – they quadrupled in size!

weekend 019

This is only a cup of beans, but they kind of ran all over my plate!

weekend 003

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for.  How did I do on my first week of The Inspirational Diet?

Last week I was:



weekend 001

So what did I do differently last week?  I simply was mindful.  Mindful when I would reach for something while cooking to put in my mouth and stop myself.  Mindful to not snack – even over the weekend!  Pushing myself harder during my exercises.  It’s working, that’s all that matters, right?

So here is our inspirational video of the day today.  Make it a great day!