My alarm went off at 7.  I was wide awake, but then said to myself “a couple more minutes won’t hurt.”  Next thing I know it’s 7:20, and I still hadn’t put my food together for the day!  So my morning work out was a quick one.  I did 10 minutes of glutes and 10 minutes of abs.  Gotta love that the abs video was called “Camera Ready Core!”



I decided to make an egg white omelet for breakfast – 1/2 cup of egg whites, 3 oz. shredded zucchini, and .75 ounce of mozzarella cheese.  I put it into SparkPeople and it only came in at around 160 calories – not enough!  So I quickly made some spicy oats on the side – 1/2 cup dry oats, 2 tablespoons of real bacon bits and lots of Frank’s hot sauce!



I couldn’t figure out what to fix for lunch so I started rooting around my fridge.  Then it all came together – a taco salad! 

  • 2 cups chopped romaine lettuce
  • 3 ounces ground beef taco meat
  • 1/8 cup mexican cheese
  • 2 ounces canned white shoepeg corn
  • 1 ounce canned black beans
  • sliced fresh jalapenos
  • dressing: 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt mixed with 1/4 cup Taco bell taco sauce (I kicked it up with some Tabasco 😀 )


Then my friend and I decided to brave the elements!  It was actually snowing while we walked – very light and fluffy, but by the end it started to stick a bit!




We loved the walk!  We decided that as long as we can walk outside (i.e., not through 2 feet of snow or in –10 degree weather) we are committed to walking during lunch every day.  My afternoons are always more productive when I get fresh air at lunch!

Tonight’s dinner was sort of a leftover dinner.  I had ground beef that had to be cooked, and potatoes that needed to be used up.  Last weekend I was going through my blog posts to see if there were any recipes I missed (a ton that still have to be moved to the recipe index!) and I remembered the gyros burgers I made at the end of the summer.  The only difference with tonight’s burgers is that I used 1/2 pound 3% fat ground sirloin and 1/2 pound of 20% ground beef.

I once made tzatziki sauce at home and while delicious, it was kind of a hassle to drain the cucumbers in cheese cloth, etc.  But then I found out my grocery store sells it!  I am sold – this is hands down some of the best cucumber sauce I’ve ever had – garlicy, thick and delicious!  And at $2.29 a pound a steal!!


My plate: 1 pita pocket, 4 ounce cooked burger, green pepper, lettuce and 1 tablespoon of tzatziki sauce per sammie – with 2 ounces of fries on the side.



While this was very messy, it was good!  I’ll have to come up with different ways to use this cucumber sauce – any ideas?

Not pictured:  1 ounce of pretzels after our walk (my blood sugar was dipping!)

Stats for the Day:

  • 1372 calories
  • 45 fat
  • 139 carbs
  • 103 protein
  • 16 fiber
  • 30% of calories from protein
  • 40.3% of calories from carbs
  • 29.7% of calories from fat
  • 10 minute glutes
  • 10 minute abs (that will be camera ready in about six months 😀 )
  • 50 minute walk at lunch

I may not post again until Saturday morning – Tony and I have a date night tomorrow night!  My sister works for an architectural firm and one of the restaurants they built is having a soft opening.  Do you know what that is??  They invite guests for free so they have an opportunity to train the staff with actual customers before it actually opens and try to get out any kinks before there are paying customers.  The restaurant is called The Lucky Monk and we get food, beer and wine for free!  They will have a cash bar for cocktails.  Um, guess what their specialty is?  Crispy New York Style Pizza!!  Looks like I’ll have party pizza Friday after all! 

Gotta scoot – new Office tonight!!