I left the house, got two blocks away, and remembered I forgot my camera!  I was going into work early anyway, so swung back around, picked it up, I was good to go! 

My breakfast, zucchini egg white sammie with bacon and herbed goat cheese – yum!  Pull out my camera – absolutely NO battery!  I think I left it plugged into the computer over night! 🙁

Lunch was a disaster – I had planned on making Asian wraps with leftover steak, bean sprouts, yellow pepper, fresh jalapeno and cilantro in lettuce wraps.  I thought I had my stir fry sauce at work, but didn’t.  I tried making it with soy sauce in the our work fridge and lime juice from a lime I threw in my bag.  It pretty much sucked, and turned out to only be 220 calories – not enough!

Work was non-stop, close to tears a couple times it was so frustrating, tried to shrug it off. 

Tony and I were going to go away this weekend, and I apparently forgot to see if my Mom could come to stay with Hannah since we’ll be 60 miles away.  She has a concert she’s performing in and can’t do it. 

I have to go into work on Sunday.  🙁

Then, I stopped to pick something up on the way home, only to discover I can’t find my wallet.  The last time I used it was at the grocery store 0n Sunday!  Tony, Hannah and I looked everywhere – it’s nowhere.  I called and cancelled my debit card, but my license, gift cards unused, all gone.

Then I tried to make pork medallions with a mustard balsamic sauce.  While the pork was tender, the sauce sucked, I was starving and there was no way to redeem it.

My Tony hugged me and told me its okay! 😀

Here’s to a better day tomorrow! 😀